Roofing Roofing rule number 1 is to have your roof inspected regularly, a curled piece of flashing can result in serious, and costly, water damage. Brittle shingles can allow leaks. Missing shingles are a sure sign of trouble. You owe it to yourself, and your property, to protect the large investment you have in your real estate.

Roofs vary in their covering materials and designs; most roofs consist of wood framing, wood sheathing, roofing felt, flashing and the surface roofing material.

Roofing felt, a heavy black paper saturated with asphalt, lies between the sheathing and the finishing material. It keeps out any water that might seep through the finishing material, yet allows moisture from inside the house to escape. Flashing keeps out water wherever finishing material connects with chimneys, dormers or other roof planes.

Finishing materials may be as simple and utilitarian as asphalt shingles or as functional and decorative as wood shingles or tile.

Proper insulation and ventilation beneath a roof is key to keeping a home comfortable3 and in protecting the roof’s structure from moisture damage.


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