Stonemark Granite Countertops

No stone is more beautiful, more durable, and now more stain resistant

Introducing Stonemark: The stain-resistant granite countertop.

Install it and enjoy it. That’s all there is to it. Your Stonemark granite countertop is protected by PermaShield:’~ so it requires no sealing or added maintenance. PermaShield is our breakthrough process that uses heat and water-based technology to penetrate deep into the stone to protect it. No other granite comes with PermaShield and a I5-year warranty against staining.

After PermaShield protection. Stonemark granite is hand-inspected. photographed and marked for authenticity.

The natural stone that’s naturally clean.
Stonemark IS 100% natural granite. It’s clean. safe, and hygienic and does not harbor bacteria or odors. That means you’ll never need to use harsh chemicals or cleansers.

It outlasted dinosaurs, it can certainly handle a busy kitchen.
Natural granite has endured ages of punishment: It’s hard and tough. Stonemark granite with PermaShleld is even tougher. It resists scratching, burning, and fading, so there’s no need for concern or special care at home.

It only looks expensive.
You may be surprised to learn that Stonemark is just as affordable as other countertop options. Our granite is a masterwork of nature, and a timeless symbol of prestige and elegance. Make it the heart of your home for generations.

Rock solid service from quarry to kitchen.
When you buy a Stonemark countertop you are buying directly from the source. That means you’ll enjoy consistent. expert service from stone selection to installation. If a stone doesn’t meet our precise standal-ds, you’ll never see it. Our licensed and insured installation experts are only satisfied when you’re satisfied.

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